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If you're looking for Miami Yacht Charters look no further than barton yachts. South Florida's Miami is renowned for being known as The Magic City with its highly desirable location and its year-round luxury yacht charter season, links to Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, the Florida Keys and Bahamas. Luxury yacht charter allows you to enjoy Miami city's vibrant culture that is influenced by a diverse population, beautifully historic aesthetics and world-class restaurants and nightlife.

Luxury yacht charter in Miami

The benefits of Miami Yacht Charters

Renowned for being a haven for the world's elite thanks to its subtropical environment, fine dining, exciting nightlife, stunning beaches and luxurious experiences; welcome to Miami.

It is clear why a large portion of the world's wealthy opt to maintain holiday homes in this modern paradise, and why many people visit each year to unwind and choose to charter a private yacht for a memorable experience or an adventure-fuelled sailing vacation.

What makes Miami special is it is one of the few big cities that offers a year-round yachting season. With a yacht charter in Miami, you'll quickly discover why it's known to many as the Magic City: expansive beaches, an almost unlimited supply of sunlight, nonstop celebrations, and a sumptuous and opulent way of life.

Taking into all the above factors, we would strongly advise you to consider a yacht charter in Miami. Birthday yacht rentals and yacht weddings are special occasions we cater for as  part of our boutique yacht charter services. You can experience occasions like this as a 5-star hotel experience on the water, with a choice of yachts available; classic motor yacht, classic sailing yachts, luxury catamarans and party boat rentals.

Location and Marinas - Miami

A perfect destination for a carefree sailing vacation, Miami's location geographically and the abundance of marinas makes Miami a great destination for boat rentals, destination weddings, corporate events, office events, beautiful sunset cruises and bespoke sailing vacations. Its accessibility allows for both private international mega yacht charters, making Miami a great starting point to set sail to both Cuba and the Caribbean, as well as local charters, enjoying the stunning Biscayne Bay and Keys from the water, as well as experiencing Miami's spellbinding skyline at night.

Miami by sea

Miami exists to be seen by its crystal-clear water; with a private yacht charter you can explore this perfect destination in true elegance.

Below is a list of places, beautiful islands and beautiful beaches that we recommend visiting whilst on one of our Miami charters:

-Biscayne Bay.

-Venetian islands.

-Fisher island.

-Virginia Key.

-Nixon sandbar.

-Haulover sandbar.

-South Beach. 

-Miami Marina.

-Bay Harbour Marina.

Whether your intention is to spend a day on the sea with friends and family partaking in a classic cruising experience by sailing down the beautiful coasts to explore quiet beaches, calm waters and islands or putting on private parties or special event on the water beneath the striking skyline or famous sunset, you're in the right place for a truly unforgettable experience.

World famous events all year round - Miami

Just when you thought New York was the city that never sleeps, Miami is thriving all year round with a wide variety events for everybody.  Whether its food and drink, or music and art there really is something for everybody.

Famous events such as Art Basel Miami, Miami music week, The Food Network's Wine & Food Festival, The Miami Yacht show and not to mention Independence Day on the 4th of July see a huge influx of people flock to this vibrant city. These events provide the perfect opportunity to throw exclusive after parties on your own private yachting style.

During these events yacht hire will become more expensive due to heightened demand, so be sure to book your Miami charter sooner rather than later.

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Why a luxury yacht charter in Miami should be top of your to-do list?

A Miami yacht charter is like nothing you have experienced before. A plethora of sandbars, islands, and keys to explore; multiple fine dining eateries accessible by boat to feed your appetite; experience mesmerising sunsets and skylines from where they're made to be seen from, the water.

A luxury yacht charter in Miami is a must for tourists and locals alike. If Miami is your chosen destination, reach out to us for more information about our Miami yacht charters and day charter cruise services. Contact one of our experienced brokers today and they will be happy to help you any questions or queries you may have, discuss our variety of boats and 5-star boutique yacht charter services.














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Does the crew need to be tipped?

It is normal to offer a tip for the captain and crew's efforts at the end of a yacht charter, however it is not required. Most brokers advise 15% of the charter charge as a gratuity. You are more than welcome to give the skipper a bigger tip when your charter ends. All additional tips will be divided fairly among the crew by the captain. It is advised to tip the skipper when you disembark if you are chartering outside of the US.

Is the crew on board subject to a separate fee?

In the case of a luxury charter, the cost of the trip will include the crew's services. In contrast to a skippered charter, you are not required to pay the skipper and host separately or to supply refreshments.

What is a charter agreement?

A charter agreement, which sets forth the important details of your yacht charter, is a legal document between the broker, client, owner, and crew. It will describe your yacht's technical characteristics, cruise dates, planned destinations, pickup and drop-off information, insurance information, and cancellation policies, among other things.