Yacht Charters St. Barts

Explore the beautiful shorelines of Saint Martin, home to spectacular natural beauty. The magic of the Island is in it’s unique diversity of attractions, from dramatic waterfalls, to turquoise lagoons, vibrant nightlife and world-class shopping. There’s plenty to see, including witnessing the breathtaking sunset the Island has to offer from your yacht.

Luxury yacht charter in St. Barts

The benefits of charteringa yacht in St. Barts, Caribbean.

Saint Barthelemy, or as many know it, St. Barts, is famous for its white golden beaches, and clear blue waters. The island's capital, Gustavia, is surrounded by a yacht-filled port and historical sites like theWall House. However, it is most notorious for its fancy boutiques, upscale dining options, and as the residence of a jet-set crowd that has been visiting the island for many years.

St. Barts is home to some of the greatest parties in the Caribbean, fine dining, and luxury accommodations. It is a location dotted with beach clubs, super yachts, and hotels that redefine what luxury is.

Yacht or boat charters are the ideal means of discovering St. Barts and the nearby French West Indies islands.

Renting a Yacht in St.Barts

Come have a well-earned holiday with your family and friends aboard your own private yacht in St. Bart's.

Consider visiting Colombier Beach if you want to experience ultimate peace and tranquillity. It is recognised as St. Barts' beach gem. It is tucked away, is sun-drenched, and has a turquoise-blue bay that is always dotted with beautiful boats at the island's northwest tip.

You may want to tour the entire island and stop off at some of the hidden beaches on offer in this ultimate paradise location.

Grand Saline – St Barts

One of St. Bart's most isolated sections of sand is Grande Saline, which is tucked away between the rocky hills on the southern shore of the island. Due to its secluded nature, the beach is among St. Barts' most outstanding locations for nudists to enjoy the sun.

There is a stunning coastline area named Gouverneur Beach that lies just around the rocky headlands of Grand Saline. A charming retreat can be found on the beach at the mouth of a little inlet on the south side if you charter a yacht.

Discover Secluded Areas ofSt. Bart's with a Luxury Yacht Charter

There is the gorgeous Flamand’s Beach, which is frequently disregarded by tourists but provides isolation and peacefulness like a couple of the island's other coastline areas.

If you’re visiting, don't forget to stop at Grand Cul de Sacas well. This expansive bay of white sand is backed by its own brackish lagoon and is swept over by foamy waves and sea breezes, making it the ideal location for anyone looking to go in the water.

You can truly explore this Caribbean paradise and take use of first-rate amenities when chartering a luxury yacht.

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Am I allowed to use the yacht’s water sports toys and scuba diving equipment during my St Barts yacht charter?

In some countries, a Certificate of Competence is necessary to take part in water sports (jet skis, wave runners and other mechanically propelled watercraft). Please think about who in your group will want to use the motorised water toys aboard the Palm Beach yacht. We may arrange for a Bluewater instructor to come on board the yacht during the charter to award a certificate if they don't have the necessary licences or certificates. Please be aware that the availability of local teachers cannot be guaranteed, and all tuition payments are for the charterer's account. In certain places, it is completely illegal to use motorised water toys. Personal watercraft use is only allowed if the user complies with local operating laws and has the necessary licence.

Can I choose the food and drink served on board my St Barts yacht charter?

Most St Barts yachts come supplied with ice, waters, and soft drinks for your yacht charter. You may always bring your own food and drinks on a St Barts yacht charter, or you can ask your broker to make arrangements to have food and drinks brought to your yacht before you set sail. Another choice is to hire a chef to prepare meals for you while you're on your yacht charter.

For the crew to properly stock the boat for multi-day (term) charters, you must fill out a meal preferences form. This for masks for information on the meals you would like cooked for your charter as well as your food and beverage preferences.

Does the crew need to be tipped on the St Barts yacht charter?

It is normal to offer a tip for the captain and crew's efforts at the end of a St Barts yacht charter, however it is not required. Most brokers advise 15% of the charter charge as a gratuity. You are more than welcome to give the skipper a bigger tip when your charter ends. All additional tips will be divided fairly among the crew by the captain. It is advised to tip the skipper when you disembark if you are chartering outside of the US.