Renowned for being known as The Magic City. Miami is a highly desirable location with its year-round yachting season and links to the Florida Keys and Bahamas. As a city, Miami enjoys a vibrant culture that is influenced by a diverse population, beautifully historic aesthetics and world-class restaurants and nightlife.

Luxury yacht charter in Miami

The benefits of chartering a yacht in Miami

Renowned for being a haven for the world’s elite thanks to its subtropical environment, fine dining, exciting nightlife, and stunning beaches;welcome to Miami.


It is clear why a large portion of the world's wealthy opt tomaintain holiday homes in this modern paradise, and why many people visit eachyear to unwind and choose to charter a private yacht.


What makes Miami special is it is one of the few big cities that offersa year-round yachting season. With a yacht charter in Miami, you'll quicklydiscover why it's known to many as the “Magic City”: expansive beaches, analmost unlimited supply of sunlight, nonstop celebrations, and a sumptuous andopulent way of life.


Taking into all the above factors, we would strongly advise you toconsider a yacht charter in Miami.


Location and Marinas - Miami


Its location geographically and the abundance of marinas makesMiami a great choice for private yacht charter. Its accessibility allows forboth private international charters, making Miami a great starting point to setsail to both Cuba and the Caribbean, as well as local charters, enjoying thestunning Biscayne Bay and Keys from the water, as well as experiencing Miami’sspellbinding skyline at night.


Miami by sea

Miami exists to be seen by sea; with a private yacht charter youcan explore this fantastic location in true elegance.


Below is a list of places we recommend visiting whilst on one ofour Miami charters:


-Biscayne Bay.

-Venetian islands.

-Fisher Key.

-Virginia Key.

-Nixon sandbar.

-Haulover sandbar.


Whether your intention is to spend a day on the sea with friends and family by sailing down the coast to explore quiet beaches and islands or putting on an exclusive party on the water beneath the striking skyline or famous sunset, you’re in the right place.

World famous events all year round - Miami


Just when you thought New York was the city that never sleeps,Miami is thriving all year round. Whether its food and drink, or music and artthere really is something for everybody.


Famous events such as – Art Basel Miami, Miami music week, The Food Network’s Wine & Food Festival, The Miami Yacht show and not to mention Independence Day on the 4th of July seea huge influx of people flock to this vibrant city. These events provide the perfect opportunity to throw exclusive after parties on your own private yachting style.


During these events yacht hire will become more expensive due to heightened demand, so be sure to book your Miami charter sooner rather than later.


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Can I cancel a charter once payment has been collected?

Unfortunately, once a reservation has confirmed with an executed charter agreement, we
are unable to cancel the charter unless the weather does not cooperate on the day of your
trip. Moving an existing reservation is a possibility providing the yachts schedule permits.

What is the processing fee?

The processing fee is collected when a purchase is made through the website checkout. We
accept most debit and credit cards. To avoid this fee, we encourage wire, Zelle or ACH
payments. Please contact your broker and inform them what your preferred method of

Are children allowed on charters?

Chartering a yacht is a great way to spend quality time with your family and participate in a
wide range of activities that will entertain both children and adults. Generally, children’s
safety on board is the responsibility of their parents or legal guardians and not members of
the crew.

Is smoking acceptable on charters?

Generally, yachts will have designated smoking areas, these will usually be on the aft deck
or flybridge. However, smoking is not permitted inside most yachts, and is strictly prohibited
from cabins and staterooms.

Please be sure to confirm where the designated smoking area is on the yacht with your
captain beforehand.

What should I bring with me for the charter?

To help you pack imagine what you’ll be doing on your charter.

We find that most people generally like to pack swim wear/ bathing suits, comfortable footwear such as gym shoes or sandals, and sunglasses. Soft side luggage is highly recommended, as they will easily fit inside cabin compartments. If anybody in your party is susceptible to seasickness, we would highly recommend having over the counter or prescription medication with you.

If you are a not an American national and chartering in American waters, it is essential that you bring your passport. This is a legal requirement; you will be asked to present your passport if encountered by the US Coast Guard. If you are a US national, a valid driver license or other government issued ID will be required.

Other than the additions we have mentioned, all essentials will be waiting for you once you embark onboard your yacht.