Yacht Charters Palm Beach

The very definition of luxury living, the USA’s Gold Coast, West Palm Beach is abundant in miles of extraordinary beaches, warm turquoise waters, upscale boutiques, galleries and restaurants. Sail past the Municipal Beach, numerous impressive estates and opulent mansions as you soak up this exclusive slice of Florida living.

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Luxury yacht charter in Palm Beach

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What types of boats are available for a Palm Beach yacht charter?

The types of yachts available for a Palm Beach charter are as follows: 

-Motor yachts. -Motor catamarans. 

-Sailing catamarans. 

-Sailboats (monohulls). 

It is essential that your yacht meets your needs in terms of size and capacity. If you are unsure, one of our brokers will be happy to assist you in choosing a yacht that meets all your requirements.

What should I bring with me for my Palm Beach yacht charter?

To help you pack imagine what you’ll be doing on your Palm Beach yacht charter.

We find that most people generally like to pack swim wear/ bathing suits, comfortable footwear such as gym shoes or sandals, and sunglasses. Soft side luggage is highly recommended, as they will easily fit inside cabin compartments. If anybody in your party is susceptible to seasickness, we would highly recommend having over the counter or prescription medication with you.

If you are a not an American national and chartering in American waters, it is essential that you bring your passport. This is a legal requirement; you will be asked to present your passport if encountered by the US Coast Guard. If you are a US national, a valid driver license or other government issued ID will be required.

Other than the additions we have mentioned, all essentials will be waiting for you once you embark onboard your Palm Beach yacht.

What is the processing fee for Palm Beach yacht charters?

The processing fee is collected when a purchase is made for your Palm Beach yacht charter through the website checkout. We accept most debit and credit cards. To avoid this fee, we encourage wire, Zelle or ACH payments. Please contact your broker and inform them what your preferred method of payment.