Cruising Itineraries For Term Charters

Cruising Itineraries For Term Charters

When finding the best cruising itinerary for your needs, it is important to consider which charter region you prefer. Navigating through a sea of endless cruising routes, itineraries and activities can be daunting, so it is worth taking the time to think carefully about what exactly it is that you're lookingto get out of your charter. Whether you are someone who enjoys getting off the yacht and experiencing the local culture by land, or if you are a party thatsimply loves to be relaxing at a nice anchorage for a week, a yacht charter can and should be perfectly curated to your specific needs.

Every term charter is different, and a client’s expectations may vary. One of the key elements of setting up a successful term charter is to plan.Planning cruising routes and scheduling in any land excursions is the best way toinsure a successful yacht charter. The ultimate goal is to aim to make thecharterer and their guests happy by delivering the best experience money canbuy.

The yacht charter industry is like a pendulum that swings between the winterand summer seasons. Planning a charter itinerary around the time of year that you want to charter can be an important indicator in which location you should charter from. It’s important to plan your trip accordingly and ensure you leave enough time at each stop to do what you want before moving on to the next destination.

Two Types Of Charter Markets:

Perennial- Perennial charter markets are destinations serviced year-round due to stable demand and relatively constant weather conditions.These markets may still have some seasonality with periods of lower demand, butthey are generally serviced throughout the year. These areas include South Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean, and the Mediterranean.

Seasonal- Whilst most of the super yachts of 150 feet and above generally prefer to service perennial markets, as it allows optimal use oftheir yacht assets. However, the demand for tourism has a significant seasonalcomponent, meaning that some markets, such as the The Hamptons, Norwegian, and Alaskan regions, are only serviced for a few months, usually during the summer.These markets are considered seasonal and are some of the most important forsummer term Charters.

Charter itineraries can be categorized further by seasonality and type,but there is no definitive line between these two classifications, and it's possible for them to overlap. The typical charter itinerary is set up tosatisfy the highest demand each season by taking advantage of seasonal patterns.


In order to find the best itinerary for you, it's important that you know whatdestination you are wanting to charter out of. If you'll be making the most ofyour time on shore, then a multiple-day itinerary a couple of different ports mightbe the better option for you. When booking a term charter, the three key elements to figure out are, location, dates, and number of passengers. Once those important details have been decided on, a yacht charter specialist canassist you with finding the perfect yacht option and itinerary.