Yacht Charters St. Barts

Explore the beautiful shorelines of Saint Martin, home to spectacular natural beauty. The magic of the Island is in it’s unique diversity of attractions, from dramatic waterfalls, to turquoise lagoons, vibrant nightlife and world-class shopping. There’s plenty to see, including witnessing the breathtaking sunset the Island has to offer from your yacht.

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Luxury yacht charter in St. Barts

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What is a luxury charter?

Imagine one of St Barts wonderful properties on the sea where one experiences a real sense of comfort and luxury. You will be accompanied by a full crew catering for your every need, as well as the offering of a wide range of water sports and activities that parties of all ages will enjoy.

What is a charter agreement?

A charter agreement, which sets forth the important details of your yacht charter, is a legal document between the broker, client, owner, and crew. It will describe your yacht's technical characteristics, cruise dates, planned destinations, pickup and drop-off information, insurance information, and cancellation policies, among other things.

Is the crew on board the St Barts yacht charter subject to a separate fee?

In the case of a luxury St Barts yacht charter, the cost of the trip will include the crew's services. In contrast to a skippered charter, you are not required to pay the skipper and host separately or to supply refreshments.