Yacht Charters Hamptons

Made famous as the summer month retreat for wealthy New Yorkers and one of the US' top seasonal destinations. The Hamptons is the ideal for boat rentals & yacht charters and summer getaway with family and friends. The region is the perfect destination to escape the city for much deserved downtime and world-class luxury. Adventure and extravagance go hand in hand with several beautiful charter spots to experience, including the world renowned Sunset Beach on Shelter Island, Greenport and the famous Montauk Point Lighthouse at the peninsula's tip, all great spots to create memorable experiences. 

Luxury yacht charter in Hamptons

The benefits of chartering a yacht in The Hamptons, New England.

With its pristine beaches, iconic lighthouses, expensive shops, beautiful sunsets and magnificent mansions perched atop dramatic cliffs, a boating experience in New England and the Hamptons is unlike anywhere else in the world. As you cruise around, you'll quickly realise that the coastline has more to offer than just its natural beauty. It is home to a rich history and culture that dates back to the American colonial era, and it is surrounded by some of the most prestigious and costly real estate in the country.

The Hamptons

The Hamptons' outstanding waterfront position, multimillion-dollar homes, opulent lifestyle, and exclusive private clubs like the Sag Harbour Yacht Club and Breakwater Yacht Club are and have long been some of its biggest appeals.

The Hamptons are also a great place for sunbathers and surfers alike due their expansive sandy beach, which is soaked in the Atlantics beautiful waters, and its wild waves. The bay side is also littered with marinas and unassuming beaches that draw boaters and yachters hoping for a peaceful beach day with calm waters.

Beaches, waves & more.

With its water-rich environment, the Hamptons has plenty to offer everyone: gorgeous beaches, incredible waves, and a range of water sports. There are numerous magnificent beaches with different amenities, like snack bars, picnic tables, and grilling places, from which you can select if you want a day by the beach.

If you're looking for waves to surf, head up to Ditch Plains in Montauk, Coopers Beach in Southampton, Main Beach in East Hampton, and Ponquogue Beach in Hampton Bays for an amazing experience.

Yacht charter in The Hamptons

The Hamptons is a terrific place for boat choices, mega yachts and for smaller vessels are available for luxury boat rental.

It will be an unforgettable experience to charter a yacht in the Hamptons; take a quick trip to Shelter Island, where a tender will meet up with your boat and bring you ashore for lunch at Sunset Beach. With its yellow and white parasols and Mediterranean ambiance, this East End institution gives off a feeling more akin to St. Tropez than Long Island, you will have a fabulous time.

After a leisurely post-lunch swim or a trip on the jet skis, enjoy a sunset cruise back to Sag Harbour, where you may eat on board your yacht or go into town and eat at Wolffer Kitchen, which serves farm-to-table ingredients.

Head to Montauk, a trendy surf town, as you cruise across the Hamptons aboard a yacht.

Before returning to Montauk for dinner at the Crow's Nest, where you'll enjoy some of the finest local food with a lake front view of the entire Hamptons, take a cruise to the renowned Montauk Lighthouse and then pull anchor at Navy Beach where you can take in the spectacular sunset for an amazing time.

Additionally, you'll have a fantastic time visiting the Sag Harbor Yacht Club, which is located right in Sag Harbor village, is one of the Hamptons' best-kept secrets. It has been around since 1899, and during the weekend of the Fourth of July, they host the fireworks every year. It's simple to dock at the marina, refuel, or spend the night and go out to dinner on foot.

For a fun boating experience reach out to Barton Yachts today and one of our friendly brokers will answer any questions you may have. Whether it is a family outing or special occasion the Hamptons is an amazing destination for luxury yacht charter.

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Does the crew need to be tipped on the yacht charter in The Hamptons?

It is normal to offer a tip for the captain and crew's efforts at the end of a yacht charter in The Hamptons, however it is not required. Most brokers advise 15% of the charter charge as a gratuity. You are more than welcome to give the skipper a bigger tip when your charter ends. All additional tips will be divided fairly among the crew by the captain. It is advised to tip the skipper when you disembark if you are chartering outside of the US.

Is the crew on board the yacht charter in The Hamptons subject to a separate fee?

In the case of a luxury yacht charter in The Hamptons, the cost of the trip will include the crew's services. In contrast to a skippered charter, you are not required to pay the skipper and host separately or to supply refreshments.

What do you mean by a charter agreement?

A charter agreement, which sets forth the important details of your yacht charter, is a legal document between the broker, client, owner, and crew. It will describe your yacht's technical characteristics, cruise dates, planned destinations, pickup and drop-off information, insurance information, and cancellation policies, among other things.