Yacht Charters Cancun

Cancun is one of the most popular winter charters, with long stretches of golden beach and coastline on offer. Yacht charters have a vast array of options when exploring this part of the world, from the beauty of the Rivera Maya coastline to the Isla Mujeres. Water sports are highly encouraged, from jet skiing to world-class scuba diving amongst the coral reefs.

Luxury yacht charter in Cancun

The benefits of chartering a yacht in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is well known for its white sand beaches, nightlife, water sports, Mayan ruins, natural beauty, and some of the top all-inclusive resorts in the world. It is situated in the Riviera Maya, Mexico and is known to many worldwide.

Cancun is an ideal place for yacht charter which will allow you to explore the Yucatan Peninsula and adjacent islands. If you want to visit Isla Mujeres for the day you can be there in less than an hour. After your brief journey sailing across beautiful blue waters, you'll notice right away how different this place feels from the bustling vibe that Cancun has on offer.

Mexico has long been a favoured holiday spot for North Americans, with popularity among European tourists drastically on the rise. For those who want to take advantage of the nation's abundant Mayan cultural legacy, unending sunshine, breath taking scenery, and glistening sandy beaches, then Cancun is the destination for you!

Cancun Yacht Charter


As the resort epicentre of Mexico, Cancun offers direct beach access to a magnificent section of the Caribbean. Discover this region of the Mayan Riviera while chartering a private yacht. When it comes to water sports, you and your visitors will have a wide range of choices. Whether you want to go snorkelling, jet skiing, paddle boarding, or scuba diving, the coral reefs and the underwater flora and fauna will undoubtedly add an element of exploration to your Mexican vacation.


A tiny Caribbean island paradise called Cozumel is well known for its scuba diving and natural beauty. From the airport in Cancun, you may fly to Cozumel, take a public ferry, or, of course, charter a yacht.

Cancun - Something for everyone

The Zona Hotelera (Punta Cancun) is the primary tourist area and the best place to stay in Cancun whilst you’re visiting. Here, you'll discover several hotels and resorts with stunning sea views, a wide variety of tourist attractions, family-friendly entertainment, and the renowned Cancun nightlife. In addition, Chichen Itza, a major Mayan archaeological site, is a must-see tourist destination only a short ride from Cancun. An optical phenomenon in this pyramid, which is only apparent around the spring and autumnal equinoxes, makes it appear as though a snake is descending its stairs.

Choosing to rent a luxury yacht in Cancun, you’ll indulge in a five-star luxury hotel experience on the water, in a five-star location.There are lots of things to do on a private yacht charter, therefore we advise consulting with your broker ahead of time to schedule any unique activities before your charter begins. Our brokers can easily arrange jet ski rentals and other water sports if your boat does not come with one of these options.

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Can I choose the food and drink served on board my Cancun yacht charter?

Most Cancun yachts come supplied with ice, waters, and soft drinks for your yacht charter. You may always bring your own food and drinks on a Cancun yacht charter, or you can ask your broker to make arrangements to have food and drinks brought to your yacht before you set sail. Another choice is to hire a chef to prepare meals for you while you're on your yacht charter.

For the crew to properly stock the boat for multi-day (term) charters, you must fill out a meal preferences form. This for masks for information on the meals you would like cooked for your charter as well as your food and beverage preferences.

Does the crew need to be tipped on the Cancun yacht charter?

It is normal to offer a tip for the captain and crew's efforts at the end of a Cancun yacht charter, however it is not required. Most brokers advise 15% of the charter charge as a gratuity. You are more than welcome to give the skipper a bigger tip when your charter ends. All additional tips will be divided fairly among the crew by the captain. It is advised to tip the skipper when you disembark if you are chartering outside of the US.

Is the crew on board the Cancun yacht charter subject to a separate fee?

In the case of a luxury Cancun yacht charter, the cost of the trip will include the crew's services. In contrast to a skippered charter, you are not required to pay the skipper and host separately or to supply refreshments.