9 of the Best Luxury Yacht Builders in the World

Luxury Yacht Builders

Knowing who’s who in the luxury yachting world is paramount. With prices exceeding the billion mark, it goes without saying that doing one’s homework is essential when considering a luxury yacht purchase.

The world of luxury yachting may be difficult to navigate for beginners and not to mention for experts also. With each luxury yacht builder claiming to be the best in their field it really does pay to know who's who as yacht costs and their purchase prices continue to rise to dizzy new heights.

Barton Yachts has selected nine of the most well-known luxury yacht builders in the world to give you more of an insight into this field to help you consider when the time comes for your luxury yacht purchase. These luxury yacht builders range from small-scale boutique builders that emphasise classic design to cutting-edge businesses that are on the pursuit for innovation.

Additionally, we are applauding the outstanding efforts that each of these yacht builders is planning for and are currently carrying out to lessen the impact of their builds and operations on the environment. This is well in keeping with Barton Yachts' ongoing focus on responsible luxury and the knowledge that the yachting industry faces fierce criticism for its environmental impact.

These nine companies are securing the future of luxury yachting and preserving the oceans by developing lighter materials, onboard energy options, hybrid motors, and funding for marine conservation. We believe that these all should be taken into consideration when deciding on your luxury yacht purchase.



Dutch-based company Oceanco was first established in 1987, but it wasn't until 2002, when it came under new ownership, that the company decided to concentrate on creating super yachts larger than 260 feet by utilising traditional Dutch building techniques. The award-winning business takes gratification in its design-led construction. In addition to hiring a team of innovative designers, it also collaborates with top designers in the field including Andrew Winch, Terence Disdale, and Sam Sorgiovanni.

Each Oceanco project has a strong emphasis on the environment, with the goal of not just complying with but also exceeding environmental regulations with every construction. Even the 394-foot Redentore, the company's largest yacht to date, which is currently under construction, is remarkably effective in reducing environmental impact thanks to her hybrid propulsion technology, which minimises fuel usage.

Other notable Oceanco projects include the distinctive three-masted Black Pearl, which is propelled by a combination of electric and wind power, and one of its most recent ideas, Esquel, a cutting-edge expedition ship.

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Since its founding in 1978, the Dutch luxury ship builder Heesen has won praise for its engineering and design prowess on a global scale. Heesen proudly pioneered the use of aluminium, which is recognised as the best material for yacht construction due to its lightweight and higher efficiency. Heesen provides semi-custom yachts that are already under construction in addition to full bespoke constructions, in an effort to drastically reduce delivery wait times without sacrificing quality.

Alive, one of Heesen's most noteworthy yachts, was the first to use the ground-breaking Hull Vane technology (underwater foil) for improved efficiency and speed, which results in up to 30% less fuel use than a typical yacht. Other well-known Heesen constructions include Home and Electra, which were both built in the award-winning 5000 FHDF aluminium hybrid class and were the outcome of Heesen's efforts to reduce the environmental impact of yachting.They were both delivered in 2017 and 2020, respectively.

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Benetti Yachts, a member of the Azimut-Benetti Group, can trace its shipbuilding roots all the way back to 1873, when the Fratelli Benetti shipyard was established in Viareggio, a city in Tuscany and the epicentre of traditional Italian shipbuilding. Although a lot has changed in the near 150years of Benetti, its commitment to creating cutting-edge yachts to immaculately high standards has solidified its position as one of the top luxury yacht builders in the world.

In response to growing worries about the environmental impact of private yachts, Benetti has modified its processes and adopted hybrid technology to ensure that its ships are at the forefront of sustainability. For instance, the Luminosity was praised as one of the greenest super yachts when she was initially delivered in 2019. The 352-foot yacht is powered by an innovative diesel-electric hybrid system, with a huge battery that can last up to 12 hours at anchor without emitting any noise or emissions.

Benetti has avoided the sacrificing of aesthetics for sustainability. The Luminosity's magnificent interior, designed by Zaniz Jakubowski, contains full-length windows that let the outside in and tasteful tributes to modern artists to create a true home away from home. Of course, sustainability doesn't come at the expense of aesthetics.

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Although the brand can be traced back a further 100 years, Feadship was founded in 1949 and is now known as a global leader in the construction of unadulterated custom yachts. Despite this, Feadship has been striving to construct the ideal ship ever since. Feadship pledges to produce some of the most technologically advanced yachts in the world, including the recently unveiled Project 817, which has since been delivered as Viva. Feadship's staff uses the most innovative techniques and materials available with each new ship it constructs.

Viva continues to be a ground-breaking yacht design, and Feadship has revealed lofty goals for minimising her environmental effect. The 308-foot eco-friendly yacht has a cutting-edge hybrid propulsion system that enables it to cruise at 12 knots on diesel and electricity. Efficiency has been prioritised in the design of the ship's hull to lower the energy required to move through the water.

The Dutch business has locations all around the country, withHaarlem in the north serving as both its administrative and design and technical hubs.

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Damen Yachting

Another Dutch yacht builder that rules the world stage is Damen Yachting. Damen Yachting, which is a part of the larger Damen Shipyards Group functions as Damen's construction division. It was recently established in its current form in 2019 and is now in charge of producing the renowned Amels yachts as well as the SeaXplorer exploration ships and yacht support vessels.

The largest super yacht facility in the Netherlands is owned and operated by Damen Shipyards, which relocated its Amels building activities to Vlissingen in 2003.

With a business of this magnitude, Damen Yachting naturally has completed some spectacular projects, including the Amels 60, the newest in theLimited Editions semi-custom line. The 197-foot Amels 60, which is now underdevelopment and is scheduled to be delivered in 2022, features a fuel-efficient hybrid propulsion system to reduce emissions, noise pollution, and fuel and maintenance expenses.

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Whilst researching for your luxury yacht purchase it will become clear that Europe dominates when it comes to the top yacht builders in the world. From Germany, Lürssen has eight yards spread out around the nation with the three largest ones being in Bremen, Hamburg, and Rensburg. Lürssen was established in 1870 by Friedrick Lürssen and is a family-run business, like most yacht construction firms. Since that time, the business has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the best in the world, breaking numerous records along the way, including the world record for the longest yacht with Azza, a 592-foot vessel, in 2015, and the record for the largest super yacht that is currently available for charter, Flying Fox.

The substantial 465.5-foot Nord is the newest super yacht from Lürssen (previously called Project Opus). Thanks to the work of Italian design firm Nuvolari-Lenard, which created the yacht's distinctive interior and exterior, Nord goes beyond the traditional style of a super yacht.

Lürssen is well aware of the damaging effects that boat construction and ownership have on the environment, as is now the norm for top yacht builders. It is taking the necessary steps to lessen the harm, including generously financing organisations that support marine life and conservation projects, as well as introducing cutting-edge technologies like onboard compact silencers and hybrid motor designs.

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Although German luxury yacht maker Nobiskrug has been around for more than a century, it consistently looks to the future and is committed to innovation. Nobiskrug specialises in totally customised boat construction, working closely with clients to realise their individual visions. The business is based out of top-notch yacht-building facilities in Rendsburg, including a super yacht hall with climate control.

To minimise the impact of its projects, Nobiskrug uses cutting-edge technologies, which demonstrates the company's commitment to innovation in its environmental responsibilities. For instance, Artefact, one of the first super yachts to be constructed in accordance with the IMO Tier III rules, was initially delivered in 2020. (which focus on reducing emissions). In addition to implementing a waste-water recycling system, Artefact incorporates onboard solar panels and a battery storage technology to enable a brief time of engineless operation.

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Royal Huisman

The Dutch shipyard Royal Huisman proudly claims to be one of the world's oldest yacht builders with a history that stretches back to 1884. Royal Huisman is now the maker of some of the finest and most opulent yachts floating the ocean today, despite the fact that the company was first established to construct humble wooden fishing boats.

Even while Royal Huisman is best renowned for its magnificent sailing boats (the Sea Eagle II, Ethereal, and Aquarius are notable standouts),it has successfully entered the motor yacht market. The 192-ft Phi, its most current construction, was delivered in 2021. This sleek aluminium vessel, which can accommodate up to 12 people, has been spotted sailing through London's financial area on the Thames ever since her inaugural trip. An appropriate location for a vessel of this stature.

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Italian-born Sanlorenzo has won numerous honours throughout the course of its near 65-year history and is consistently considered as one of the top yacht builders in its field. Despite its age and renown, Sanlorenzo still sees itself as a boutique luxury yacht manufacturer. Sanlorenzo is dedicated to working with a select few clients each year in order to maintain the meticulous attention to detail and excellent quality for which it is notorious, as well as to assure exclusivity for its clients.

The super yachts that depart Sanlorenzo's primary La Spezia shipyard transcend trends and instead radiate timeless elegance and genuine craftsmanship. Together, these features ensure a finish that is genuinely timeless; the current flagship Attila is a prime example. Sanlorenzo is an expert in fibreglass, steel, and aluminium, allowing each owner to choose the material that best suits their requirements.

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